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Just Like Aerosmith – Don’t Miss A Thing.

Welcome Day 2

Disaster Trip - Sorta!

I’ve made a lot of cool connections in the past year! Some have been locally, some online.
I got to chat with Michael Walker of Paradise Fears.

His band toured with All Time Low. The way they did it was by following
All Time Low around chatting with fans!
I tried this at a few big shows and it was AWESOME.

I tried it for a full week following Ben Folds… And it didn’t go as well. Whoops.

It wasn’t poorly received necessarily. But the venues were not great for what we were doing. 

And there was never a line to get in – which is a necessary part of what we were trying
to do because it’s all about entertaining people when they’re bored.

But all in all, I met a ton of cool people, played a show at a historic New York venue
that Billie Joe Armstrong and Lady Gaga have both played at,
and met Rami Malek! It wasn’t all bad!

Right before this, I made a song called “Afraid of the Dark” with a new producer. 
The idea of it is to try new things regardless of how much they intimidate you. 
I did! There  were some hang ups but it was worth it.

If you want to listen to it, it’s on Spotify n stuff!

Best Wishes!

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