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Why Give This Away?

Growing up, I was only allowed to listen to canned, sugar-coated Christian pop – Switchfoot was the first band I saw speak to the reality of the human experience

I want to connect to people that relate to that experience.

Living Honestly Is Somewhere Between The Fantastical And The Mundane.

What It Means To Me:

In the past few years, my dad lost his job twice, my brother went through a hard divorce, and I’ve dealt with my own depression and personal issues –  That’s just a small tip of the iceberg of human experience that I try to capture in these songs.

What You Get:

Perspectives Dress Me To The Nines EP ($12 value)

The EP: “Perspectives Dress Me To The Nines” is about how the mundane and fantastical can both be honest ways of viewing reality. – Who’s to say which one is real?

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