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Just Like Aerosmith – Don’t Miss A Thing.

Day 5 – Daylight



If you’ve read the intro you can just skip it…

I’m so glad you’re here and haven’t been turned off by Magic School Bus quotes or dad jokes.

This EP is a dream come true for me.

As a kid, I was very sheltered and rarely left the house. I don’t say this for pity, but I didn’t really have friends. So I had to make my own fun with creativity, drawing, art, video and music.

From the website, video blurbs and marketing, to lyric videos, branding, graphic design and even a lot of the recording and mixing, I’ve learned a lot of this by myself on the fly.

I’m a business student, so none of this was really learned from school. There are a lot of things I didn’t learn from school – including some incredibly important, universal life lessons.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m a bit of a nerd. I like learning – So I’ve elaborated on these stories in the “School of Nerd Rock” – You’ll get useful life lessons by email each day.




“How Does It Feel?” is a sort of sarcastic tune asking how it feels to make it - how it feels to get exactly what you want out of life and be happy as we understand happiness.


Sometimes crippling anxiety robs even the most expressive of people.

I’m currently writing this during a polar vortex. I’ve been shut inside for days, working from home. It seems fitting. By the time you read this things will likely be different, but it fits the theme of the song.

Daylight is about hiding. Hiding from responsibility. Hiding from people.

I believe it was a similar day when I wrote this a year or two ago. – Regardless of the weather, I was feeling on the cloudier side.

I’m an outgoing person, most people who know me know this – so it may seem out of character, but sometimes I’m a shut-in.

I hate making decisions. I love having options. I hate saying no. I love saying yes. You can’t always have all of these things.

When I wrote this song, it was specifically my philosophical view that had shifted. I was losing confidence in the religion I had as a kid.

I was raised in a Bible-believing Christian family. I love parts of who that has made me – but there are parts I could never wrap my mind around. Where did the Bible come from and how did Christians choose which parts of it were considered “Bible?” Why should we use it as our ONLY rule of faith if it never even claims to be that? – It doesn’t.

I never found a good answer for that.

I’ve never found a good answer for a lot of things.

I didn’t totally give up my faith – But there are some things that I had to say no to and couldn’t acknowledge.

This led to a lot of conflict in my life when I wrote this song.

I wanted to hide. I wanted to curl up in bed and watch Netflix. I didn’t want to answer to anyone. I didn’t want to defend my beliefs. I didn’t know for sure what those were.

Sometimes you have to stop caring how you come off and just keep going. It’s okay to not know.


I don’t care. I would swear by it
but my flagship of the truth is down on my luck
at the bottom of the back of my head
Somewhere I dropped my confidence in dreadful ignorance of what
I thought I knew instead – Now are you happy?

I don’t wanna be wrong,
I don’t wanna be right,
I stay fast asleep at night,
Hiding from the street lights,
I stay fast asleep at night,
Dreaming of the daylight,

I don’t care, I make good on it,
My promise to commit to indecision,
And I won’t make my decision just to break my front position,
In the back of your forward thinking mind
That I disguised as something I should drain my precious time on,
So you could smile on me,
And I could smile back and see
The colors and the lights that set my pitiful heart on fire,

I don’t wanna be wrong,
I don’t wanna be right,
I stay fast asleep at night,
Hiding from the street lights,
I stay fast asleep at night,
Dreaming of the daylight,

Dreaming of the daylight,
Dreaming of the daylight,
Dreaming of the daylight,
Dreaming of the daylight,

I’ll be satisfied here taking up my time here,
I’ll be just a minute, dear, I’m waiting out my time till next year,
I’ll be holding on to hope, At the end of my proverbial rope,
Goodbye to distant memories, choked up tears and broken apologies
I just want to let it go


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