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"the perfect track to take you back to the simpler times, when music seemed to have authenticity and you didn’t torture yourself for being a little awkward."

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A Little Bit Of The Back Story

Hometown Piano Bar Charm

Nerdy Punk Energy

Socks and Crocs Level Dad Jokes

A teacher once asked me, “WHY do you want to make music?”

I stopped caring about music for years until I could find an answer to that question.

I didn’t believe music changes people. It took years to realize that it gives us the fuel to change ourselves.

We all have a crapload on our plates. If you’re like me you might have skipped the shower today, threw on the same pants AGAIN and rushed to get everything in today. But if you’re like me, you also take the time to read a book, listen to a podcast, or try some new music. We’re the kind of people that enjoy expanding our horizons and learning new stories.

50,000 songs get uploaded to stream EVERY DAY. So I could tell you how my song has powerful vocal hooks from years of voice lessons taken out of insecurity, or how the simplicity of piano combines with the power of rock. But I’m not Mariah Carey – I just have stories you can relate to. More like Billy Joel.

That’s why you ended up here – you’re open to new narratives.

My storytelling comes with the nerdiness of a kid who found most of his childhood friends through an online forum for a board game nobody played. We both get what it means to need to stretch a little bit to find where we belong. And maybe you’re like me and make a lot of dad jokes, because like Chandler Bing (my namesake), we’re all a little “hopeless and awkward and desperate for love.”

A drive to the lake, losing someone that matters, finding the courage to speak up, or falling in love – These things aren’t the same without a soundtrack.

A great mentor once told me: “Good music puts you in a ‘movie role’ you can’t think yourself into.

You could keep running with your crazy busy schedule. You can’t stop for everything. But at least don’t let those things be boring.


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