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A Little Bit Of The Back Story

Hometown Piano Bar Charm

Nerdy Punk Energy

Socks and Crocs Level Dad Jokes

Chandler Reed started creating things as a chubby 12 year old who talked about Star Wars way too much and found most of his friends in an online forum for a game nobody played. Turns out, playing guitar was a better way to get attention from girls – and his dad had a guitar and knew like 3 chords.

For years Chandler sang hymns very, very slowly in church and watched each chord change about as fast as a gay rights bill in Alabama. Now he liked punk rock. He’d never seen Footloose, but he saw himself as a Kevin Bacon. Meanwhile, his brother, Cameron found drums as cheaper anger management than therapy.

Years later, Chandler found that the piano that seemed so boring before proved to be a great tool for writing angst driven choruses. Jordan Cyr found some time between building computers, Final Fantasy and Dungeons and Dragons campaigns to add some tasteful guitar licks. Cameron found evenings free from coding websites.

They pressed shift five times and voila: Chandler Reed & The Sticky Keys.

Like the sticky keys function, you usually don’t try to run into them. You’re trying to do something else, but they show up and make a bunch of noise. Maybe you decide you’ll give it a try, because why not? What could go wrong?

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